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Next Year’s Buzz – Branded Communities?

Chicago, IL, 8/13/2015 – Eric Hays and David Garside have launched a new site focused on conversations around Branded Communities.  They believe that niche based communities are the “Next Big Thing” coming to the World Wide Web.  The Internet age has already given us big players companies like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn.  They believe there is a lot of untapped potential to be found in the niche-based community space.

In Hays’ opinion, “web users want a more focused experience related to where they spend their recreational time.“  “For example a soccer player wants to talk soccer with fellow soccer players – not with his complete social world,” explains Chicago-based Hays, an entrepreneurial technical leader.    “Social community websites throw everybody into one huge pool of people and more and more users get inundated with routine news and updates that are mundane and usually distracting”, says Hays.   Eric knows the Internet well.  After playing college football at NIU from 90-95, he worked at, was employee number 24 at and managed the Hostway data center in Chicago.  He is currently working on a startup called with co-founder David Garside.

“I have accounts on all the major social platforms”, says Hays, “but I find it is hard to share information that appeals to everyone.  I don’t want to waste people’s time, especially my friends.  Most of my friends and family couldn’t care less what I am barbecuing for dinner or how many steps I walked today” says Hays.  “I think it is time for the Internet to offer more focused and engaging social experiences.”

David Garside, the co-founder of, shares his viewpoint as well, “I agree with Eric 100%, and we came together to get more substance around the branded community talking points”.  “I look forward to working with Eric to discover this niche community space further.”  David’s background includes executive level management and over 20 years of coaching youth athletics.  He firmly believes leadership and teamwork involve understanding and communicating with people at all levels.  For this reason, branded communities can offer another outlet for people to bond and share experiences of like-minded activities.

To create such an outlet, David Garside and Eric Hays built to help build more awareness and focus on branded communities and the need to build more of them.  You can check out the site here:

About SportsFYLE, LLC &

Sportsfyle, LLC was founded in Chicago by Eric Hays and David Garside in 2014.  SportsFYLE is focused on recreational social profile management solutions.  They are focused on building the word “FYLE” to become synonymous with the word “PROFILE”.   Their first test niche based branded community is  The site will be launched officially to the public in the Fall of 2015 in conjunction of a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign.

What will be your FYLE?