• Contributing Author
    Eric Hays | Chicago

    Eric Hays | Chicago Contributing Author

    Eric Hays- Eric Hays lives in Chicago and consider himself as an Technology Entrepreneur.  His life in technology started with a fascination of computers.  He spent many quarters mastering arcade games like Ms. Pacman and Galaga.  I transferred my gaming interest in computer programming at the age of fifteen and made two arcade games for the Commodore Vic 20.  He sold these games in the classifieds in Compute Magazine.  This was his first entrepreneurial effort in technology.  He could have sure used a marketing department!

    He is an expert in Internet technology and e-commerce marketing strategies.  From 2000-2005 he was Director of Network Infrastructure and Security at Orbitz.com.  At Orbitz, Eric was hired early on to design, build and scale a network to support Orbitz's systems infrastructure.  This system eventually grew to support over 50,000+ airline ticket transactions a day. 

    Throughout his teenage years I tried to balance my sports interests in hockey, tennis, football and baseball with my geeky gaming interests.  His strong involvement in sports merged with technology fueled by his passion pursuing a sporting related startup called SportsFYLE.com.  The Branded Community was launched by Hays & Garside to foster conversations surrounding branded niche communities.

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    David Garside | Chicago

    David Garside | Chicago Contributing Author

    David lives in the North Shore of Chicago and is married with three children. Early on, he developed a passion for competitive sports. Athletics and academics have been an important part of David’s my life, and he has learned a great deal from my coaches, teachers and teammates. The values of competition and sportsmanship have carried him through his career and personal life. He has held several leadership positions on various sports teams- coaching and playing- and in business.

    Having started off a career in the rough and tumble trading pits at the Chicago Board of Trade in the 90’s and then working for a major corporation after that tenure, David’s commitment to his customers, co-workers and leadership are unwavering. He recently went back to school to get his Master in Business Administration to add to his business development and operational background.  David joined the branded community as a supporting writer in his quest to understand and contribute the branded niche community development and knowledgebase.